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Government relationships can be complicated and intimidating, whether entered voluntarily or involuntarily.  Business-related licenses and litigation involving state and local governments are prime examples.  Bayer and Carey delivers exceptional services on matters involving state and local governments and constitutional questions.  We will prepare opinions on constitutional questions and provide representation in rulemaking proceedings and license application and disciplinary proceedings, including threatened revocations and suspensions.  Our attorneys have handled dozens of issues involving:

• First amendment disputes
• Equal protection claims
• Appraisal licenses
• §1983 claims (constitutional torts)
• Gaming licenses
• Driver’s licenses
• Racing licenses
• Veterinarian licenses
• Nursing licenses
• Public utilities certification applications and civil penalties
• Interstate commercial motor vehicle fees and ownership taxes

In most government cases, strict deadlines are imposed and missing one has dire consequences.  Our attorneys can help you design a strategy to protect your rights and business operations.

If you need assistance with a government case, or would like to speak with one of our attorneys regarding governmental issues, please contact us at 303-830-8911.