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1660 N. Downing Street
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: 303-830-8911
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Pamela Bollard
Office Manager
303-830-8911, ext. 19

Donna Impey
Paralegal to Attorneys Peter SpiessbachMatthew J. Weeber and J.M. Kaspar 
303-380-8911, ext. 22

Amanda Ringley
Paralegal to Attorney Gary L. Palumbo and Nathaniel E. Moyer
303-830-8911, ext 35

Amy O'Connell
Paralegal to Attorney Gary L. Palumbo and Laura C. Yeager
303-830-8911, ext 28

Kelly Wenzel
Senior Paralegal
303-830-8911, Ext. 16

Kelli Rainey
Paralegal to John Mauro and Dave O’Donnell
(303) 830-8911, Ext. 33